Monday, August 5, 2013

Shannon Shaw

As I was standing there watching Shannon and the Clams at the Burger Boogaloo, it suddenly occurred to me. I leaned over to my friend and "Man, Shannon is a really good bass player....". My friend agreed. She's hits the strings so hard and has such good technique. I wonder how many people realize this....

She's on a roll this year too, releasing two albums. One with her Clams and the other with Seth and his band, Hunx and His Punx. Both are stellar releases.

The Shannon and the Clams is, of course filled with 50s influence garage pop that only they can swing.


I was really exciting hearing the new Hunx and his Punx, as it sees them  live up the album's name, playing songs that are much more grimy and punk than their last release. I'm a big fan. As usual, the lyrics are hilarious.