Saturday, June 22, 2013

Suicide is all Around

Not killing yourself, but the music group. Their brand of low-fi electronic is really prevalent in many bands today:

Case in point one:

Total Control

Case in point number two:

Mind Spiders....okay, maybe not exactly, but close enough...

Anyway, you be the judge....

P.S....sorry for the all youtube post...

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lovely Bad Things

Lovely Bad Things probably don't need me writing about them. They're already featured at Volcom, Spin and other outlets on the web. Still, I really like this album out on Burger Records. Some of it sounds slightly Surfer Bloody, and others sound a bit like a more punk version of the Go-Gos. Good stuff...

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

All the Good Garage is in Spanish.

At least it sure seems so these days. You probably all know by now about Davila 666, and if you go out to shows and follow Slovenly Records at all, it's a good bet you know about Los Vigilantes, and if you know about Los Vigilantes, you probably know about Las Ardillas.

You may not know about these guys from Spain. I like them a whole hell of a lot. Especially since they have a couple of songs in english, so I can actually sort of understand what he's saying (not that that has ever been that important).

Mexican Moustache:

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Davila 666

It's been awhile....

Yes it has. I don't even remember how I even designed this thing. Here's some Scraper just to get myself back in the loop. This is grade A punk trash from San Francisco: